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was one of 80 to 100 boats at sandheads yesterday on a beautiful calm day. fished using extra large anchovies in glow anchovy special teaser heads and larger herring in army truck and  glow bullet roll teaser heads both cured in procure uv brine....tried a couple of my go to ace hi hootchies and even tried a couple of pesca spoons with the super glow on them. spoons and hootchies got smelly jelly on them. fished at between 30 and 100 on the riggers and moved from 50 feet of water up to 300. worked our way through and around the group of boats and even trolled away from the crowds towards t-10.i never saw another boat use a net to bring in a fish the whole day. not to say no fish were caught but at any given time I could see at least 20 boats and what they were doing. most fish caught were small shakers.. didn't see many seals and saw no whales either. lots of guide boats in and among the rest of us and they weren't boating any fish either. talked to 3 groups of returning fisherman when I was pulling out and nobody had a fish and not a lot of people are hooking pinks either. now should be prime sandheads fishing but like last year fishing sucks. ive been to sandheads multiple times since aug 01with mostly poor results. I'm pretty fussy about having good bait but so far my silver horde small Irish cream spoon has got the most attention from fish. brought home a small red spring yesterday(70cm).I will still fish sandheads for another month and hopefully it will pick up(said that last years too)...good luck

Old Blue:
North Arm and Bell to the mile markers have been where the action is.

Been out 6 times now. Hooked over 20 springs. Right place right depth fish right gear. Bite is on when its on.


--- Quote from: mikeyman on August 27, 2017, 08:00:13 PM ---Right place right depth fish right gear. Bite is on when its on.

--- End quote ---

It's gems like that that make you glad you made it to the restricted board, eh?

Old Blue:
Try longer leaders too, 7-8ft behind your flasher.  50-70ft.


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