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Glen Lake Vancouver Island July 20th to July 24th, 2017


We rented a place on glen lake as the wife and her friends wanted to tour Victory.

Went out in the canoe that was at the place we rented. We had some great fishing for trout. Averaged one about every 30 mins. The most common size was 8-16 inch. I was surprised at the size of the trout in the lake.  We trolled with a willow leaf and a wedding band with a power bait egg it was absolute killer!. I tried frog flatfish and a leach also but did not get any hook ups.

Biggest one I caught was 2.5 pounds and peeled line from my rod. All trout caught were released as it's a super small lake and they would of tasted like mud. It was great to see all the fishermen on the lake release their fish.  Talked to a guy that was fly fishing he had 4 hook ups in 30 mins.

Kids had fun fishing for sunfish from the shore. Heard a story from one of the nabors about a 5 pound bass that they caught but we did not catch any but we did not target bass.

can order pizza and take out to the house so great it you want to be lazy and not cook. In the city of Langford was just an amazing little spot. Lots of lakes close by but we were not there to fish.

Great place if you have a family of small kids


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