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Hicks & Silver Lake May 22nd 2017


Finally after having a few very slow fishing years, I'm making an effort this year - all season to enjoy what I love doing.  I started off at Hicks May 14th, and finally at days end landed a small rainbow using a moss coloured gnomfus.  May 22nd, the day began at Silver Lake (very sludgy) with not even a bite (must not have been using what they liked), then went to Hicks for the afternoon, again got skunked.  I was trying black and maroon leeches and pumpkin heads. 

If anyone has any tips they'd like to share on either of these lakes that would be great.  Silver was amazing, a bit colder but very serene.  My goal this year is find more accessible lakes by car :)

Tight lines all.

Bavarian Raven:
For Hicks try a ford fender (or willow leaf) with a dark RED wedding ring and worm. Depth varries. Try trolling this combo and you will get fish. This combo is deadly in our local lakes IMHO. Cheers and GL.

Old Blue:
Go try Whonnock, lots of fish on the smaller size with the occasional over 16"..... micro leeches.

Thank you very much for the advice.

check your mail :)


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