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Chadsey Lake, May 19/2017

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Had a pretty disappointing day on Chadsey Lake yesterday but I thought I'd pass on some insights in case anyone finds their way out there.

Lesson #1:  This is not a fly fisher's lake, don't even try.  There's no back casting room from shore, as shallow as it is I had expected to be able to wade out and quarter back to fish toward shore but the silt on the bottom is so deep you can't wade out very far. 

All that being said, there are lots of nesting bass if you're set up for them.  All around the perimeter there are smallmouth nests under just about ever bush and branch in 8"-12" water.  Also saw a school of trout that I couldn't quite identify.  Followed my woolly bugger for a while but I spooked them with a an over aggressive strip of my line (lesson #2)

If you do brace it with a fly rod try something like a bomber or steelhead bee.  I saw lots of bees drowning in the shallows, I can't imagine them not being a significant part of the fish diet given their abundance

How about a float tube? My fishcat has attach points for backpack style straps. It would sure beat casting from shore.

You could have a blast on there with a float tube!

They must be largemouths. Chadsey was infested with them some years back.


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