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Vancouver Harbor "bell" "QA" "South Bowen" April 21, 2017


was out fishing friday between QA and cowen point for low tide caught a pacific cod, 4 under, lost 2 nice ones (chinook) then headed over to south Bowen and had no luck so headed back to QA for high tide, 2 bon chovy boats were there and another guide and no others. Caught 2 more unders, lost a nice one and then landed this 15 pound white.amazing fight, came out of the water 200 yards behind the boat and then ran in the surface past the boat. Reel was screaming, Irish cream skinny g with green flasher between 110 and 80 on the rigger.

Was out in the same area on April 28th and cought a 10# red and a 20 pound white! Large bait this time, Caught on a green white hoochie and anchovy.

May 19th went out again, Fished Cape Roger Curtis and QA. Had a double header at Roger Curtis, had to ignor one fish while we fought the other. Landed a nice 9.5 pound fish. Unfortinatally we lost the other as it got caught in the down rigger after going in a circle while fighting the 9.5 punder. Headed to QA for the flood and I caught a nice 12.5 pound one on an anchovy.


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