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Author Topic: FLY SWAP  (Read 4377 times)


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« on: June 12, 2004, 10:34:34 PM »

Hey everyone,
I want to get a flyswap together here. The theme will be "if you were to choose one fly what would it be"
this will be interesting because everyone has a favorite fly. I am gone just about all july so you have all that month and this month to send them. I am not sure how many people so just reply and say your in and email me. and I will send you the address. I am hopeing to get alot of people into this one. I want to have all the flys received by August first I would like to know how many people are in by next saterday so I can let everyone know how many flys to tye.
For the guys who have never done this:
1.You tye how ever many flys I direct you to. send them to me.
3.I sort them and send one from each person back to you.
I have never had any problems doing this before and I know I can trust the people on this website.
So join up it will be a blast 8) 8)