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Simple Salmon Recipe/Sauce


This one is my version of a dish I was served on the quay in Steveson. It's really quick and simple but turns out quite 'fancy'. Guerilla cooking at it's best.

All you need is your salmon, a bottle of Terryaki sauce (the Keg sauce is the best for me), some oil, garlic and ginger and a bag of frozen blueberries

1. Marinate the salmon chunks for a little while and then grill on the barbecue
2. Put a little oil, garlic (optional) and ginger (optional) in a pan and add half a bottle of terryaki sauce and keep on a medium heat
3. When hot, add the blueberries (you can thaw them or add them frozen)
4. Cook for a while until blueberries are heated through
5. Serve the Salmon, pour over the sauce.

I know it sounds a little weird but trust me it works.

dosent sound that wired to me. aslong as its salmon.

Tried the sauce at the last shinook BBQ. The kids were suspicious when I used all these combinations (with root beer too  ;D ). The end result - everybody LOVED it.
Thanks markyboy!


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