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how to cook trout

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leaping steely:
hello. I was wondering how to cook trout that are about a pound, without having to worry about the bones? last time I tried, it was very difficult to eat with all the bones. thanks for any help :)

yo Chum man!! gut the fish, remove the head. rinse in cold water and stuff cavity with sliced garlic, parsley, green oinions, salt/pepper, add a few lime & lemon slices and a couple thin curls of butter. place in hot cast iron fry pan or roasting dish, place under the broiler on med heat. turn in about 15 minutes or when the skin starts to peel away from the meat. when meat is cooked (looks like cooked chicken breast) pull it out, slide the skin off and take a fork, and "pull the fish meat along the rib bones. should slide right off in chunks. open beer and enjoy meal!! 8)

leaping steely:
thanks otto ;D

If you like fried stuff, then you should try this:

To a clean and beheaded fish add:

- Salt to your taste
- Some garlic powder (one teaspoon is OK), you can use fresh garlic too if you prefer.
- A touch of black pepper (optional)
- Squeeze half a lime
Marinate it until next day in the fridge (optional)
- Cover with all-purpose flour (optional too)
- Shake it to get rid of excess flour and fry it at medium-high heat in about 1cm deep of oil (can use less if you like). It takes about 3-5 minutes on each side, depending how crispy you like it.
This is what I always do with small trouts and men they are great!!!!
Hope you like it  ;D


now thats what i call a trout recipe!!! thanks man! i did that with one of the 3lbers i had in the freezer, marinated it while it was thawing. used whole wheat flour though. yummmy!!  8)


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