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Lotsa fish at the Cap. May 20 th.

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Went again today , Got there earlier and was it super great. 2 locals before me and had  already been into  4 - 5  each .Some lost , some released . smaller ones I guess .Get your line in ,There here....Quickly gear up and first cast missed it , but on the slow retreive it grabbed it .Fish on !!  small one and released it . Back out quickly, Fish on !! nice one ,  BONK !! Back in again , missed it . Rebait and back out again , Fish on !!  The other  2 had a fish on ..Triple header , Yahoo !! mine was a small fish so I released it .. 4 casts  and  3 fish , then it went slow for about  15 - 20 min. More pushed thru , Here we go again...,, all you could hear was missed it , fish on , missed it , fish on , fish on , fish on , Lotsa fish pushing thru , Water has dropped about 18 - 24 from yesterday . still gin clear , a little slower on the drift though , but lotsa action !!  Released 5 smaller ones (selective fishing ) but got my  2 , so did the others . they also had a great time , fish were hitting from  6 - 8 am. today  suddenly dropped dead  !! Musta been very close to about  30 fish we were into . missed , lost , released..... Bye  9 am.all of us are going home . Will try again in a few weeks . Between work and holidays no time to fish . DARN  !!#%*& ...... So guys and gals get out there and hope you have fun like we had  .. Yummy in my tummy , and no green worms


Ok share it now, what are they taking?

Great report! Try using crocodile spoons they work very well.  Escpecially the smooth brass fire wing crocodile spoon.

Good stuff Gumboots, how big were the ones that you kept? 8) Good thing I have tomorrow off. ;D

Rodney , close to 2 lbs. one a hair smaller , but sure are spunky fish . and darn good eatin'  ....good luck ...go gett'im


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