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Capilano on May 19 th

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Decided to check out the Cap. flow for my first try this  year. Out the door and my lady says  Quit putting the small ones back. ,Put the big ones back. I'll explain one day !! Got there later than intended.about  8 ish. Darn rush hour. #%*&   Went to look at cable pool and water is up with a good flow, talked to one fellow and he said he lost one earlier. Oh good !! I'm thinking..... Where I go there should be fish, just by looking at the river flow as an indicator . So off I go .Got to my reg. place and 1 other fellow was there that I had met several times before .He filled me in ,Boy he is doing well . Got rigged up,second cast I feel tap , tap , AHH !! fish .Back in right away and tap , tap , Whack , there he is . Silver flash and roll , Off  !!  Fished for about an hour more and Tap , tap , again . Retreived in and put on another piece of cured  chum from  2 years ago . Lovely stuff , I could almost eat it myself . Back in the flow  , Wait , wait , for the tailout swing and  FISH ON  !!  Got'em .  Flash and roll ,what a sight ...Fellow above me says you sure got a spunky one on there   , got it to shore , looked at it  and thought  what  Mrs. Gumboots had  said earlier ,  BONK !!  nice size ,  2 + lbs.   Yummy in my tummy ....may try again tomorrow !!  

Fish Assassin:
Green worms ? What has the the good Doctor being smoking ? ;D

Don't think the doctor has been into anything illegal , he must have some secret remedy most  don't know about . lol.... ( green worms  huh !!   ) ;

Fish Assassin:
Not too much room for flyfishing but it can be done

Matt , there are many places to throw fur / feathers . How effective I don't know ?? Going to try myself one day when a few more fish are in . But most I see do well on bait . Would like to try a bottom walker but don't have any ...could trade for green worms . I am confident I can catch a hoe on a bottom walker fly where I go , such nice water for feathers . Maybe I'll have to talk to the Doc. Hope you can make it to the Cap.


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