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sasquatch provincial park May 16th

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hey fished deer lake in the park wich is in harrison and wow slayed them fishes. just using worms we had to sit down and take a breather as the fishing was intense. lots of nice cutties around 12-15 inches. there is tons of fish 8-10 inches wich make a nice dinner  on the bbq.we landed over 40 trout today in about 2 hrs. and yes we let em all go but 2 nice 15 inchers wich my mom gets for her dinner.also finnally got my bc parks PFO hat wich i have been workin hard to get for the last 8 yrs. now im a fully qualified park officer. also hicks lake was stocked in late feb. :o :o


leaping steely:
was there lots of people there?

canoe man:
way to go pepsi trev, what does pfo stand for!!!


--- Quote from: canoe man on May 18, 2004, 06:32:37 PM ---way to go pepsi trev, what does pfo stand for!!!

--- End quote ---

I'm going to go out on a limb, and guess "Provincial Fisheries Officer"


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