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I think that people need to recognize the importance of accepting constructive criticism.  It enables learning while its negative counterpart, defensive behaviour, limits knowledge and encourages ignorance.

In many report threads, posters who attach photos demonstrating poor fish handling skills are criticized for doing so.  This is a good thing, but it can turn into a bad thing.  Both the O.P. and following contributors need to realize a few things if they want to have a worthwhile discussion.  I have a few suggestions that I'd like to make and hopefully those reading today can take note.  They are simple suggestions.

To the original poster:

1.  Don't make excuses.  Making an excuse is an outright rejection of constructive criticism.  It's better to just keep quiet and register what is being said.
2.  Ignore non-constructive criticism.  It is a waste of your time to listen to the many people that will jump on you after mob mentality sets in.  It happens here all the time.
3.  Learn and move on, thank the person who pointed it out respectfully.  We all make mistakes.

To potential critics:

1.  As was demonstrated in a recent thread started by Damien (nice fish by the way), it is possible to provide constructive criticism in a mature manner that people will be receptive to. 
2.  Don't be afraid, if nobody has done so already, to speak up.  Fish handling skills are important and a public thread allows many people who may not know better to learn from the mistakes of others.
3.  Once it's been addressed the poster does not have to hear it again and again and again.  The more it is repeated the less receptive the original poster will be to constructive criticism.
4.  Realize that your comments reflect on yourself more so than the person you are commenting "against".

We all want to see improved fish handling out there.  Following some basic common sense and courtesy can turn a pic of poor fish handling into a learning opportunity.

that's all

I'm going to move this to the reports section and sticky it. Great post.

Great post, marmot, I entirely agree with pretty much everything you've laid out here.

--- Quote from: marmot on October 06, 2011, 10:38:11 AM ---3.  Once it's been addressed the poster does not have to hear it again and again and again.  The more it is repeated the less receptive the original poster will be to constructive criticism.
--- End quote ---

This is one that I myself am often guilty of not considering.  I will remember this going forward, thanks for the suggestion.

Well said, marmot


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