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Author Topic: 2009 LEH Results  (Read 6115 times)


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Re: 2009 LEH Results
« Reply #15 on: September 05, 2009, 06:05:44 AM »

They're out:

So am I. Now very much beginning to wonder who you have to bribe to get on the "Preferred List"? EIGHT years, SEVEN entries each year for NADA?? Even at odds as low as 2:1. WTF? Couple of the Old Boyz I know got moose tags again in a heavily prescribed area - third year straight. Something VERY much stinks the way this is run in this Backwards Country!  >:(

Good thing I agreed to head over to Alberta and start guiding early this year! Think I'll be spending the balance of the fall there, as they always seem to welcome me and my wallet back. As for BC, not one thin dime beyond what they've already scammed me for yet again!

Not Surprised, just CHOKED... Again... >:(

Sooo Nog, what area of Alberta are you guiding in?