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Author Topic: Chehalis River  (Read 1290 times)


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Re: Chehalis River
« Reply #15 on: Today at 10:48:15 AM »

The 30 continous days of beach seine netting are taking their toll. This DFO sanctioned commercial FN fishery is killing the fall fishery on the whole Harrison River and every trib. I have witnessed this decline in its entirety. You take away the Chums and pinks and you kill the system, they are the fertilizer for every fish in the sysytem.

ln 2016 we were seeing very few fish in the early fall. We thought there might be something going on so we hiked all the way down the lower past the hatchery intake channel and close to the Harrison/chehalis confluence estuary. Low and behold what do we see going across the river (chehalis).. yep you guess it, a F’kin net...right acrosss the entire river with an atv parked on the FN side a system setup to pull the net in with the ATV. What a disappointment...saviours of the environment doing the ancestral BS again.

That net was only in place for another day before some anglers  8) 8) 8) went back down in the cover of the morning mist and the net was removed... and guess what!! Fish appeared in the canyon in the weeks to follow. I heard there was another net across the river again this fall but I never did make my way down to the end to see it with my own eyes. I wouldn’t be surprise.. take take take until there is nothing left then ask the government for more handouts.

I told this story to an old timer I met out there and he told me that my story was all BS because he claims that the chehalis Hatchery gives coho straight to the FN band at the start of the run. So his logic was why would they net the lower when the hachery is giving them fish anyways and they don’t need to work for it. Maybe someone could comment on that? Does the chehalis hatchery supply the local FN band with fish?

Regardless there was a net down there that year... :-\