In 1999 and 2000 we completed a major stabilization project valued at $215,009.00 at the Slesse Park Clay Slide with volunteer labour, in-kind donations, and grants from Fisheries Renewal BC and BC Hydro. This work greatly reduced the siltation entering the river from this clay slide. We completed a final "As Built" report for this work which was published and a copy is available upon request.

In 2001 in partnership with The Fraser Valley Regional District the engineered design and working drawings were completed for the Tolmie Clay Slide. This work valued at $31,730.00 was done with volunteer help, in-kind contributions and grants from Fisheries Renewal BC and the Fraser Valley Regional District. The FVRD handled the funds and accounting. The engineers from Golder Associates predict that unless this slide is stabilized the undercutting at the slide toe will continue and erosion could accelerate and the siltation problems could get worse. A copy of this engineering report is available upon request.

The Tolmie Clay Slide Stabilization Phase 1 of 2003 established an access road and contructed four demonstration groynes.