Gravel mining proposed near Chilliwack River

Published on April 30th, 2010 by Rodney

If you enjoy fishing the Chilliwack River, this may interest you.

There is a proposal out (in progress) with the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources to have a largish (25 hectares/50 football fields) gravel mine in the location of Larson’s Bench. This proposal may threaten the viability of the recreation fishery in the Chilliwack River.
The Fraser Valley Regional District has opposed this, for many reasons, such as it is near Pierce Creek ponds – an important salmon spawning area. It is also in close (less than 1km) to Chipmunk Creek Caves and the Chilliwack River. Other likely environmental impacts include silt, run-off, 10 acres to be logged). Unfortunately, the FVRD’s opposition may not be enough to stop it. Residents, businesses, clubs and others who may be impacted could also have an effect on the outcome.

There will be siginificant impacts on local residents and businesses with gravel trucks on the road if this proposal goes through. It is estimated that 47 round trips per day would be made by gravel trucks between Monday and Saturday. 
There is a website for more information and a link where you can sign an online petition:
A petition is also at On The Way store and Pointa Vista Cafe, both on the Chilliwack Lake Road.

Those who fish it regularly know how siltation can affect the fishing, so one can only imagine how the fishing might be if this proposal is approved and possible impacts take place. While this is simply at the proposal stage, I encourage others to get involved by visiting the above websites and staying informed so there would be no regrets in a couple of years from now.

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