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BC Freshwater Fishing Guide

British Columbia offers a variety of freshwater fisheries. From entry-level put and take fisheries to world class steelhead fisheries, residents and visitors of this province have plenty of opportunities to enjoy this rich recreational resource year-round. This video guide is designed to assist readers who have never tried fishing before. By going through each video, you will be well informed on fishing regulations, required gear, fishing techniques and other facts on BC freshwater fishing.

Getting started

  • Purchasing your online freshwater fishing licence
  • Understanding BC's freshwater fishing regulations
  • Basic freshwater fishing tackle: Rod, reel & line
  • Basic freshwater fishing tackle: Hooks, weights, swivels & floats
  • Basic freshwater fishing tackle: Baits & lures
  • Basic freshwater fishing tackle: Basic knot tying
  • Basic freshwater fishing techniques: Casting
  • Basic freshwater fishing techniques: Bottom fishing
  • Basic freshwater fishing techniques: Float fishing
  • Basic freshwater fishing techniques: Lure fishing
  • Basic freshwater fishing techniques: Catch and release
  • About

  • Learn to Fish program
  • A tour of the Fraser Valley Trout Hatchery
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